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Musical Production with Jesus Molina

Are you looking for musical production in your songs? Are you looking for a soloist in your arrangement?

Now You have the option of contacting Jesus Molina thru his team to work on your music by a simple click

We do offer:

- Full Musical Production.

- Musical Arrangements

- Big Band Arrangements 

- Full Orchestra Arrangements

- Guest Solos 

- Grand Piano & Keyboard Tracking


Frequently Asked Questions about Jesus Molina's musical Production:


-Can I do any style of music with Jesus Molina?  Totally, Any Style.

-Does the midi musical arrangement include live instruments? No, if you want to add live instruments it is something totally separate and it would be Full Musical Production, we offer different Packages.

-Do I going to get sheet music of my production? Yes, It doesn't matter what type of ensamble. 

Let’s Work Together

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