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Video tutorials

Do you get frustrated when trying to improvise and create harmony? 


Jesús Molina's Video tutorials are dedicated to explaining and teaching harmony and improvisation in the easiest, clearest and most practical way. The best thing about these video tutorials are that you can study the material anytime and anywhere you want, with these practical tutorials you can learn in one month what would take 3-4 months with a private teacher. Learn on your own schedule and start reaching your musical goals at a rapid rate.

Main Themes:


-Harmonic movements (voicings): In this chapter we will study all kinds of chord voicings, analyse all types and styles of chord progressions and bring new vocabulary to your Harmonic language.


-Blockchords: This chapter will help you thoroughly understand chord movements and coordinate your fingers, teaching you to connect harmonic blocks easily and in a fun way. 


-Licks and Runs: In this chapter we will find phrases, patterns and figures to incorporate in your style of improvisation and expand your musical vocabulary. 


-Left and Right hand Independence: This chapter will help you strengthen your fingers in both hands and achieve total independence of your left and right hands, learn the ability to play totally different phrases simultaneously.

It may take 3-4 months to truly take in and bring this material into your playing, we recommend that you only take this course if you are willing to invest your time and have the discipline to really study this material. Disciple is the most important tool for progression.



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Frequently asked questions:

What level should my piano playing be at to be able to start these lessons? You must have an understanding of chord tensions, ie major and minor seventh, ninth, eleventh and thirteenth chords. (7, 9, 11, 13). If you have this knowledge then you are ready to start!


What is the duration of each video lesson? The average video length is 30 minutes, but time may vary depending on the Lesson you are watching.


How long will it take until I see improvement in my playing? If you dedicate yourself you will see improvement within a week and be learning new concepts immediately, DISCIPLINE will be your best tool for growth and musical development.


How do I subscribe to these video tutorials? Copy and Paste the Link seen above.


After purchasing the package, can I contact you with any questions I have? Of Course, we want to guide you through your learning process. We will love to help you before, during and even after  studying with us.

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