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Do you want to put music, orchestration and instrumentation to your songs?

You have the option of contacting us to make musical arrangements of your respective discography or Single just to a click following the step by step to obtain this one.

Steps to obtain a musical arrangement to your composition:

1. You must go to the contact section on this website and write an e-mail requesting the information to make your music arrangement, specifying what style of music you want to do and one of our advisers will inform you of the costs and method of payment.

2. After we receive the payment you may send us an e-mail with an audio sample of the song you want to perform, preferably accompanied by a guitar or a piano keeping in mind that the important thing is your voice and composition.

3. Within 1 to 2 business days, the arrangement of the song will be delivered to you with top-quality virtual instruments, you decide whether it is the final or if you like to make a modification to your liking.

4. Having the final arrangement will be delivered track-by-track, the respective MIDI file and the scores for you to incorporate in your Protools Session or another program, The delivery would be done by means of a download link so that you can Download the files to your computer.


Frequently asked questions about musical arrangements:


.Can I Request any genre of music? Of course, We do not do specify any genre, everything is as you wish it to sound.

-What is the benefit of a musical arrangement? It is the most important part of a song, we can bring and idea to a complete 100% song.

-Does the musical arrangement include live instruments? No, if you want to add live instruments it is separate  package and would be an additional fee on top of an arrangement, that would be a part of our musical production services.

-Does the musical arrangement come with Mixing and Mastering? <we will provide a basic mix and master.

-I want you to arrange music for Bigband and Symphony Orchestra, Is it possible? Absolutely, In addition to receiving the audio we will provide the full notated score of the arrangement

-Does the musical arrangement include the notated score? Of course.

-I want to create a full album with everything included, is it possible? What should I do? This is possible, Please contact us by sending an e-mail and an advisor will give you all the Details.

Musical Arrangements & Musical Production

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