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Jesús Molina Offers musical clinics nationally and internationally, in universities, conservatories, institutes and churches.


Main subjects for masterclass in Universities and Institutes:

* 5 Vital Elements for correct re-harmonization.

* Emphasis on improvisation and styles Hardbop, Bebop and the roots of these.

* Good use of different Harmonic Movements and Different colors of Harmony.

* Aspects and approaches to playing in an ensemble and solo.

*  Open for questions and answers in a very interactive way.

* To conclude, all the pianists and Musicians will receive exercises for their own personal development and study. You are allowed to video or audio record these exercises as played by Jesús.


Main Themes for church and ministry clinics:


* Tips for finding balance in musical and ministerial life.

* The importance of each individual member of the ministry and the band.

* Musical examples and re-harmonizations of songs solely and exclusively for personal study as musicians and ministers.

* Sensitivity to the moment of ministering and the importance of being in connection with the voice of God and the minister, to be only a tool and not a protagonist.

* Attendees will participate and will be given tips for growing musically.

* Work of ensemble in band and choirs, demonstrating live with members.

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