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All the Glory To God Forever

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 Jesús Molina  
Purpose of daily living


As musicians we must recognize that God deserves all glory, honor and power, tribute to praise and worship. Remember that we are only a tool in his hands to deliver the good news of the King of kings, we are privileged to fulfill this work. God is good all the time!


Your motivation as an instrumentalist must be to improve yourself every day.


We are called to be light in the darkness, music is the divine art where we can transmit what we feel and overflow our soul in spirit and in truth, this one was created exclusively and exclusively to worship our God and through it our father transforms Lives, give peace to the tired and bring freedom to the captive. What are you waiting for? / Eder Lemus Management y Booking

Contact: +1 760-623-9100 / San Francisco, CA - USA

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