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About Jesus Molina

  Jesús Molina Acosta  



Jesús Molina is a pianist born in Sincelejo, Sucre-Colombia on June 1, 1996, passionate for the talent that our God gives him, learning day by day from the hand of the Best teacher in the world, our Lord Jesus Christ.


At the age of four he played his first piano song and his beginnings were in Christian churches, the beginning playing the saxophone and at the age of 15 he decides to move on to jazz piano, deepening the area of ​​traditional jazz and gospel; Today Molina lives in the city Boston-Massachussets US and He is giving Jazz concerts with his style of music and to teach masterclasses in universities and churches nationally and internationally. 


Molina has the thought of the new generation that must be raised to show from whom come great prowess and great talents. He is very present the purpose to which he came to this earth, to glorify the name of our God having as Matthew 25: 14-30 the parable of the talents.

Eventualities & Recognition
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